Wrecks & Relics at Noosa Heads

Wrecks & Relics each year is front and center, But you have to be at least fifty to enter.

Ride an old mal new mal or SUP, Thats the latest surf craft you’ll see.

The meet and greet is always great, Making new friends and seeing old mates.

The committee ladies serve up a treat, Bacon and eggs and all you can eat.

First point or beach breaks depends on the weather, With two surfs guaranteed it can’t get much better.

Hang five or ten to try winning your heat, Add a floater or aerial and you’ll never be beat.

At the end of the day whether you win or lose, Celebrate or drown your sorrows with the free booze.

You will always enjoy Wrecks & Relics no doubt, But get your entry in early so you never miss out.

See you in the surf
By Denis (D-Dawg )Lowe January 2014