Contest Results 2016

Well done everyone who had a go at the Wrecks & Relics last weekend and thanks to all those people that lent a hand to make it a success. The surf seemed to get better and better as the finals progressed on the Sunday. Here’s the placings of those lucky individuals who got a piece of the finals action…

OVER 50s

  1. Glen Gower
  2. Scott Ford
  3. Glen Frettingham
  4. Peter Rea
  5. Ossie Arikan
  6. Paul Schuler

OVER 55s

  1. Mick Corcoran
  2. Steve Miller
  3. Giles Fesselet
  4. Chris Cox
  5. Greg Griffiths
  6. Mike McGoverne

Over 60s

  1. Mike Pimm
  2. Albie Curtis
  3. Darryl Homan
  4. David Storck
  5. Peter Eales
  6. Mick Henderson

Over 65s

  1. Eric Walker
  2. Gordon Fuz
  3. Nev Smith
  4. Dave Wilson
  5. Ned Kelly
  6. John Hanson

Over 70s

  1. Doug Andrews
  2. Dennis Lowe
  3. Trevor Brady
  4. Roy Forbes
  5. Glenn Martin
  6. Tony Hopkins

Old Mal

  1. Mick Vaisnys
  2. Tony Stewart
  3. Keith Crocker
  4. Bill Stewart


  1. Mel Mott
  2. Paul Winter
  3. Greg Huglin
  4. Max Wecker
  5. Libby Winter
  6. Chris Wells

50 Women

  1. Kate Perry
  2. Peppie Simpson
  3. Maree Beare
  4. Jill Dorey
  5. Sally Horsley
  6. Jane Purtill

60 Women

  1. Margie Bryant
  2. Di Cuddihy
  3. Sue Altman
  4. Carole Stephens
  5. Lynette Clemitson

Thanks for being part of it and we hope to see you all back in Noosa again this time next year. Entry forms should be available sometime in March so keep an eye out on Noosa Malibu Club website or Facebook page.

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