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Little Cove Surfboards Prize Board

The " 23 " model is a modern logger designed and shaped by Reid Johnson. 23 is the beach access number for Little Cove and the " 23 " Model encapsulates everything a longboard needs to be in the Cove. This 9'8" modern log has a Triple 6 glass job with fin patch. High Gloss finish for extra strength and full resin comp stripe.

Classic Malibu CM Board

Classic Malibu has been Noosa’s heart of longboarding for over two decades. The longest standing locally manufactured, handcrafted longboard retailer in town. Now in its 26th year, Classic Malibu has been proudly sponsoring the world-renowned Noosa Festival of Surfing since inception.
But are we content to sit on our laurels and continue to churn out the same old, tried and tested boards? NEVER! Continually evolving, we are diversifying across the board, from alaias to thrusters, logs to spoons, fishes to high performance, lightweight longboards. And if it’s not in stock it doesn’t mean you can’t have it. At our factory outlet, you can ...

PKL Timber Surfboard Draw

This year the Wrecks and Relics welcomes PKL to the event with this beautiful board being raffled so that everyone has an opportunity to own one of these treasured boards. About The Board The board is 9’6”x22 1/2”x 3” it is made of Koto (an African timber) and Queensland Red Cedar. It is a replica of a 1960’s Kevin Platt Hayden. Kevin Platt shaped for Hayden at the time when people like Bob McTavish, George Greenough, Ken Adler and Bob Cooper all worked for Hayden.

FUYU Pin Wizard Board Draw

The 9’6 Pin Wizard, handcrafted by FUFU surfboards for 2019 Wrecks and Relics. Red Cedar stringer, volane bottom and pigmented deck, polished finish. Noosa noserider special.

2018 Wrecks Raffle Board

This is the 9’4 ‘Freedo’ Allrounder log model, smoke tint and polished finish. Designed and developed for Noosa’s world class point waves.

Contest Results 2017

Well done everyone who had a go at the Wrecks & Relics last weekend and thanks to all those people that lent a hand to make it a success. The surf seemed to get better and better as the finals progressed on the Sunday. Here's the placings of those lucky individuals who got a piece of the finals action... O/50’S PETER REA GLEN GOWER GLEN FRETTINGHAM DAN O’BRIEN NIC BABOVIC OSSIE ARIKAN O/55’S IAN PEARSON GARY BURDEN MICK CORCORAN SHANE HOLBORN GILLES FESSELET GARY ALFORD O/60’S MICK PIMM JOHN MURRAY DENNIS CARBURY ALBIE CURTIS DAVID STORCK CHARLIE CAVANAGH O/65’S ...